_Members of the local branch of the CPA have been hard at work in Inala delivering copies of the Brisbane Communist Party of Australia branch’s latest - hot off the presses -  edition of the Bulletin.

The Bulletin is the CPA Brisbane branch's printed newsletter which is published monthly. 

It was a bleary eyed but enthusiastic team which converged in the shopping centre car park in Inala for a 5.30am start. They slugged down a quick cup of coffee before each collecting a wad Bulletin copies, splitting up into pairs, and determinedly hitting the streets. The group fanned out across the entire suburb and devoted several sweaty hours walking from house to house delivering Brisbane CPA’s news throughout the area.
“Inala residents live on large blocks of land so it was tiring in the heat, but they are also a friendly, welcoming bunch and this energized us all,” a branch member noted.  
The mail drop also turned out to be a great relationship building exercise, spurring the members to be right behind future planned community events, including more Bulletin mail drops, for 2012.
Nothing Matters
2/21/2016 03:48:21

none of which happened, cos David couldnt get his act together and all his unsold papers were stored under the house


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